The Five Pillars of Relationships~ Great Book!

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4 Responses to “The Five Pillars of Relationships~ Great Book!”

  1. Karen Fu Says:

    Where is your book available?

    • petersammarco Says:

      Our books are available at EVERY MAJOR BOOKSTORE across North America….From chapters; to Borders ect or or our own site where the book is signed and given a special message….at
      PERSONALLY signed and sent to you by PETER All from his website…
      Truly enjoy your day Karen!

  2. Shelly Haundries Says:

    Much gratitude and appreciation Peter Sammarco you wrote this book so beauty full , easy to understand ~ you realized me how beautiful life is ~ a butterfly learned to fly with her two little wings,we can also learn to fly with our blessings ….your book leading us to understand each other better love each other more …!!! I see beauty surround me ~ Shelly


    – you are very welcome Karen and Shelly! all love PETE

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