About Peter

Peter Sammarco knows this: we are one, and capable of doing everything and anything. It is from this knowing, and from his own personal odyssey, that he shares the secrets that need to be awakened within us all. Whether in his writing, or through his service with CanPeace Consultants Inc., Peter delivers practical help for growing true success in daily life.

To know Peter Sammarco is to know a man whose intention is to touch in a positive way as many lives as he can. To help those he meets understand who they are, to help empower them to reach their full potential.

Peter has learned from his experiences that we all have many things in common. We all want to be healthy, happy, prosperous and wise. ” Let us do it together! ” says Peter. It is in knowing who we are that we are at peace. And most importantly it is in loving ourselves that we are truly rich.


12 Responses to “About Peter”

  1. Rex Says:

    You really know what your doing! Keep it up! And never doubt the impact you are having on others….~

  2. B Says:

    You are amazing in the snow and your like a horse; I have never seen someone get a Cab that quick in this weather! I will be contacting you. Nice meeting you in person.

  3. T.B. Says:

    So many people loved your Presence tonight. Being the busiest day of the year here in Vancouver, you have shown that there really is good people out there. Thank you

  4. Hamida Says:

    Hi Peter,

    You introduced yourself and your friend from Seattle to me at Granville Island Market on X-mas eve. I thought this is the subject you were talking about and I have been reading about it for a few years. Although I am busy for the next few weeks, I’ll think about picking up your book after that.

    Pleasure to meet both of you, Hamida

  5. Mom liz Says:

    You are really touching our lives in positive way…The more I read from you ..the more I learn that life is worth it..You are adding lights in our life with your wisdom…
    God bless us all…

  6. Stevie Curry Says:

    Love and Light to you always, Peter!

  7. Val P Says:

    Just met you today in front of the post office in Mission and i couldn’t wait to get home and find out what you were all about, and i think you are a beautiful person, after reading your blog i was touched and inspired, i hope to meet you again

  8. MEMOONA Says:

    BE IN PEACE , Its really inspiring to read and hear you.I am muslim but i really found the simmilarities of your sayings and the true essence of ISLAM.MAY ALLAH BLESS U.

  9. Bella Says:

    continue on your path . you have inspired many people and continue to inspire me everyday. So glad our lives crossed paths on that faithful day in hawaii.

  10. Shelly Haundries Says:

    Much gratitude and appreciation Peter Sammarco for your great book “The Five Pillars Of Relationship” you help us to understand each other better love each other more……like the butterfly you are beauty full for you bring an abundance of joy and love to this world ~God bless your kind heart and sweet soul , Shelly ~

  11. Erin Says:

    Thanks for handing us your card outside the hotel Vancouver while we were boarding the bus to whistler . We are headed up there on a spiritual seeking retreat and found your website inspiring. I seems somehow meant to be as we will be thinking of intentions and awakening during our time together.

    Thanks for making that gesture ,
    Erin and Tracy

  12. Ann Marie Says:

    Hi Peter,
    Love you, love your books and your work. You are such an inspiration and light in my life and the lives of so many. You are true beauty, from the inside out, kind, selfless and so giving. I look forward to reading more from you.
    Much love,
    Ann Marie

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