Nature embraces oneness in its infinite beauty

Nothing that exists in this world is bad or good; both experiences, the old is done away with the new. However it’s important to accept the old with the new and learn the lessons founded on these principles.

The Inner Oracle Collection Vol. I: MIND, Vol. II: BODY , Vol. III: SOUL explains this yet helps everyone to keep their own power and know we are truly the creator of our own experiences. So stop complaining and just start living the life you wish to live. We can do anything and everything we want once we believe in ourselves.

(Come to any of our next inter active seminars, in Victoria,Vancouver, Kelowna, Toronto, Calgary etc)

The great success, is to share our own unique experiences in a story …. for there are a thousand books on living a life of compassion and when instead when you can write a story of your own, for example my mothers story of her daughter, that shares a unique experience of embracing compassion through all the challenges – and Care for others and loving yourself, then self respect come easily and effortlessly.




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