Inside of us All

I have been living and writing about how our inner world effects our external world now for more than I can even think or imagine.

One thing that is certain is this, breathing like work ethic is learned and instilled in us.

How many of us just allow ourselves time to chill out, enjoy the breeze through our hair, look up at the sky and see the lights, colors of the daylight sun and evening stars?

Whatever we so we can do all things with relative ease once we also take time to set some long term goals for ourselves. And most importantly it’s fun.

No matter what’s being said about taking control of our lives the key to any success is in breathing in our successes, visualizing in our minds, with closed eyes and in a matter of a few still silent moments, a tingling occurs in the body, a trembling or shaking within and feeling of, “its coming now” the outcome in and through our body.

Anything & everything is possible when we seek inside of us all we ever want, is what we are from the inside out.
I hope this makes sense, because my next trilogy of books will go in great lengths, to help anyone understand who is willing to listen and read this valuable lesson, which explains, all things are possible from within: the body, mind and soul.

All love and blessings,

Peter Sammarco


One Response to “Inside of us All”

  1. Says:

    Thanks for your light n wisdom , God bless you Peter !
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