Stephen Covey….

In remembering something Stephen Covey wrote in, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, he emphasized this very important point, No involvement, no commitment.

“Without involvement, there is no commitment. Mark it down, asterisk it, circle it, underline it. No involvement, no commitment.”


3 Responses to “Stephen Covey….”

  1. -A Says:

    Thanks for the great conversation.

  2. Karen and Arnold Says:

    You get it. Your heart is open and your in tune with what
    is going on. Thanks Pietro

  3. Michele Says:

    Your generosity and caring heart show so eloqently, as you share so easily your own experiences, especially areas that you knew you needed and so wanted to learn the most from.

    I love what you said in your conversation and your book, The Five Pillars of Relationships:
    “What you need to learn the most, you can teach teach the best.”
    Wow, wonderful and so fantastic!
    I am shocked how open you are of your personal failures and how willing you are to share so openly about anything and everything. You are a sincere man and it shows in your presence and especially in your latest book, THE MYTHS AROUND AGING.

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