Great Leaders Follow their inner Guidance.

We all know, nothing outside of us can bring us inner peace. It’s always within. It’s inside. Every answer to every problem is awaiting your inner Self in each every moment the power we are looking for is always inside.

When we are aligned & or In tune all things come together. It just happens that way.

I was saying earlier to a couple I was helping today this vital point:

If at any time you feel you must compromise your integrity or be something you are not, Just send that person love and choose not to participate in their drama any longer.
Sometimes those with a big mouth to gossip or whine of you short fallings, are only just that: small minded and not compatible to be your friend or partner.
Send them love and let them go.
Those who find fault in you, to make themselves look good, are Actually hiding something themselves.
Always remember as I wrote in,
The Five Pillars of Relationships,
“When someone is pointing the finger at you, just remember there are three fingers pointing at them.”

–Peter Sammarco

Peter Sammarco President CEO
1-604-676-3555 appoint.
Canpeace Consultants Inc.
Creating Effective Relationships.
Author of The Myths Around Aging.


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