Make Love To Life.

“Like all of life, in this momentous time we are in now, December 21st, we are making choices, that are either aligning and keeping us tuning into ourselves, which is always, inward; it is inside each one of us; or we are making external choices, and not aligned with our true Selves. We have all fallen victim of this before.

Looking inside ourselves,

All we know is:

we are one and we always attracting as my mother says, what we know is inside of us. We can only bring to ourselves what we truly give to others, is what I have known all my life, thanks to my own parents.
— And thus in being ourselves we make the inner enhancement and engagement to a higher level or place of consciousness. Everyones consciousness is truly at different levels depending on what realm they are connecting and vibrating at:

It is also our choice to connect to what we all have access to inside of ourselves or we choose not to be more in tune with who we really are inside of ourselves.

And, always in each choice we make, is a silver lining to shift from the chaos that enhances our soul, through growth and the analogy: smoothing of the rocks colliding in the river, to see what we are made off, from inside out, to a place where, with a bit of humor, we are enhancing our calm.

Needless to say, It’s an exciting time now. Enjoy it and have fun.

An enthusiastic nature is living in the present moment; our past does not exist; it’s in another realm than it is today.

—Just be here now and allow life to fulfill itself with ease, excitement and following your heart where it takes you:

When we listen it always guides us Right to what is most exciting in our own lives. Life is truly fun, easy and effortless, if we believe in making this choice ….

Be today as my father says, ‘Mr Exciting!” And always follow what excites you the most! I cordially invite you to truly make love to Life!


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