The creative process vs competition

Creative vs. Competitive

The creative process is always about living in a place of constant never ending improvement.

Yes, as some see it, completion of a task means the end of a finished product or service. However, improvements can be made with anything and everything we create.

More importantly, what we create is never really completed. It is always evolving and thus improving.

All we do is either progress eagerly with ease or move away from the satisfaction of improvement.

We must understand that in believing something is completed, we accept that everything is finite. This is not true. Just as we work on our infinite and changing friendships, we should also enjoy the creative process of never ending improvement.

That being said, the belief that competition is a myth bewilders the minds of dominant thinkers. The indifference I received regarding this statement by one person led me to lose my clarity, calmness and centeredness, to say the least. (And I say this with a tad of humor and an inner belly laugh).

Yes that’s right—you read correctly—competition is a false, man-made myth.

In a series of books, which include The Myths Around Aging, a book on the Myths of Competition relates the understanding that we all are improving and that the idea that one is competing with oneself is an utterly false idea. We all improve.

And this can be discussed further at one of our seminars or just look at my latest book, The Myths Around Aging, then we will discuss how we can make a better person out of ourselves; however, the minute one compares oneself to another it’s truly not realistic at all and creates unnecessary suffering.

We are all unique and everyone has different skill sets. The thought that we can make cookie-cutter people is a false perception of the capabilities of every individual in this world.



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