Isabella: a dear sister brother relationship

Serafina, my mother has a great new book out that shares a great story that can truly change lives.
I intend to share her book with a small excerpt in the very near future.
For now I want to talk about one point:

Get along with your siblings.

Why some choose not to get along really just confuses the law that exits:

• we are here existing on this planet and we are inter connected.

• The infinite works in each one of us.

• And when we were younger my parents always told us to remember what we put out there in words or thoughts come back like a boomerang to generate our life.

• We must believe in ourselves even when others consider us weird or strange.

• Just because we are in the minority does not mean the the minority is not on their path. Our path is our choice.

• Those who think society changes for us!? … Think again: we change.

Note: very important point here:

• And in changing ourselves we change and create our own world, through,


and in times of silence while we were younger we wrote our goals that we
and know our thoughts become our prayers.

These are just some of the actions that creates our destiny.

Now I talk about this in more detail in,
The Five Pillars of Relationships.

-this is a note my sister wrote on the back of her photography of herself that she gave to me.



One Response to “Isabella: a dear sister brother relationship”

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    very touching….thank you for sharing Peter. love Sheila

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