Maintaining Your Vitality Series

Pete Sammarco’s talk on September 27th, will be interactive with his Audience.

The Theatre, has microphones and its a lovely size to talk about THE GROWING AGING POPULATION, and


Come hear him speak

1.) if you use it, you won’t lose it.
2.) what are the myths around aging
And how to ignore the status quo while still maintaining a connection with those around us in our growing community.
3.) How to deal with those putting you down, or wanting to ignore you, thus bring you down and feeling despondent and melancholy or upset that others don’t connect with you.

Pete Sammarco talking
Wednesday and Thursday.

(Note September 27 is open to the public at 3pm at the Theatre)

—- address is in blog below.—

“Thank you Again for supporting and connecting with us and understanding our seniors and the growing aging population.”
—Pete Sammarco



4 Responses to “Maintaining Your Vitality Series”

  1. unknown Says:

    Pete, your talk today had us in stitches thank you for your humour and kindness!

  2. franco f Says:

    No one can share so much inspiring information with common sense as you do regarding the growing aging population.
    Everything from using common sense with what you eat to using your mind on the computer like a math problem to eating what you know feels good for your body type; truly you are great. We thank you Pietro

  3. Roger and Monica Says:

    Your honesty and teachings are real! And you have taught us how to release without engaging in negativity and sadly it is so TRUE that those who LIE a lot or keep secrets in the closet, and make everything about themselves, will FEEL it in their bones; and also until they can face the truth and tell the TRUTH it will eat away at their bones, like you have said….Hence those with bone challenges better start telling the truth before it well you know it well it will eat at their bones.

  4. John and Hillary Says:

    I have read the above comments and want you to know that I will attend the Mission Theatre at the Cedar Brooke and have found your book The Myths Around Aging has helped, my wife and I to understand the Challenges that our own parents are facing and we are beginning to look at how we can be of greater service to them, thanks to you
    and your very book!

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