My Mothers NEW Book

ISABELLA’s JOURNEY: with Thalassemia.
Come see her close up & Personal and with a live Audience on NOVEMBER 4th, at the VANCOUVER ITALIAN CULTURAL CENTRE

—call for details today:
—Phone: 1-604-274-1052.
—Phone: 1-604-676-3555.
Sponsored By: Canpeace Consultants.

Serafina will be talking about the Youth!
And Isabella’s Journey with a Blood Disorder: Thalassemia Major!
COME HEAR HER SPEAK! Nov.4th: Serafina, WON’T talk about how she passed away, but rather HOW SHE LIVED!

While PETE SAMMARCO, will be talking about the GROWING AGING POPULATION TODAY! His book, THE MYTHS AROUND AGING. – Nov.4th!



One Response to “My Mothers NEW Book”

  1. Helen Says:

    Your mothers book and your stories have me healing old wounds. Your trust in me to change and heal and not reacte has taken many years and your patience in my process is helping me grow and succeed as you have helped tremendously in the process. Thank you Very very much Pete!

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