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The creative process is always about living from a place of constant never ending improvement.

Yes, as some see it, completion of a task means the end of a finished product or service. However improvements can be made with anything and everything we create.

More importantly what we create is never really ever completed. It is always evolving and thus improving.

All we do is either progressing eagerly with ease or moving away from satisfied improvement.

We must always understand that in the belief of completion we think everything is finite. This is not true. Just like all friendships are infinite all products are always enjoying the creative process of never ending improvement.

That being said, it bewilders the minds of dominant thinkers, the believe that competition is a myth.
The indifference I received regarding this statement by one person alone lead to a lose in clarity calmness and centeredness…

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  1. Helen Says:

    Your session has changed my life and your time save me my heart, time and money. I’ll
    Be coming to another session and also calling your office and setting up another appointment with my husband. Soon. Your assistant and staff are so very beautiful and delightfully helpful at all time. Thank you!!

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