A sense of Humor Heals

Making time to laugh early in the morning when others are not around in fact improves and energizes our mood to higher levels of awareness.

There is so much to be appreciative and content with.

In German the word Satisfied actually means to be at peace with yourself.

And a good belly laugh can start your day.

Also remember that in order for life to be truly happy, all we do can be done by just making one other person in our lives happy.

We first start with ourselves, our family. Basically our living rooms. Then our neighbors….After that our community and after that the world.

Love and Laughter heals our own inner world and creates inner peace inside of ourselves and all those around our presence.

This energy body we share with others is truly about sharing happiness, peace
And creating a better “You” from the Inside of ourselves first; and thus humor invigorates us, energized us, increases our endorphins, and is also a safe guard from negativity….

—Peter Sammarco.



6 Responses to “A sense of Humor Heals”

  1. John Says:

    You explained what it means to be in a healthy relationship very well Pete!

    You have changed my life and my wife’s.

  2. Bridgett Says:

    You have taught me a beautiful lesson of open honesty and sharing the “vibrational tone” you talk about.

    Your humor is amazing and we have enjoy your time together. With are grateful you made time for us. Well worth the money spent. Better than any light worker we have known, and your
    Open honest approach is refreshing. I can see why you may be annoyed with ignorant people who just have an agenda. Your presence is again revitalizing and refreshing. Love ya.

  3. Bella Says:

    thanks for making me laughing the other day

  4. Ken Says:

    you have really rocked our world! thank you!

  5. unknown Says:

    you know more about the stuff life is made of than most ever will and while you speak you capture audiences and you have given our hope to live. Thank you PETE-!

  6. Jane Says:

    Your efforts have helped me look how my relationship with others can change once I’m honest with my desires.
    Your course taught us more than any course I have ever taken. Thank you. My move will be easier. Thank you.

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