The Power of Wealth.

Keep meditating and contemplating this statement.
“When thoughts of lack come to you, as such as, “I can’t afford that trip,” or, “I can’t meet that note at the bank,” or, “I can’t pay that bill,” NEVER FINISH A NEGATIVE STATEMENT about finances. Reverse it immediately in your mind by affirming, “god is my instant and everlasting supply, and that bill is paid in Divine order.” If a negative thought comes to you fifty times in one hour, reverse it each time by thinking,
“God is my instant supply, meeting that need right now.”
After a while, the thought of financial lack will lose all momentum and you will find your subconscious (your habitual mind, also known as your Heart), is being conditioned to wealth. If you look at a new car, for example, NEVER SAY, “I can’t buy that.” On the contrary, say to yourself:
“That car is for sale. It is a Divine idea, and I accept it in Divine Order.”

—Joseph Murphy.

“Remember all the universe created, as you know, has also created you, the moon, the galaxies, all the minerals in the earth, and has made you immune to all negative aspects in your life when You choose your own Divine Path, right here right Now. ”

Love Always,


“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. ”
~ Kahlil Gibran

Much Live blessings to everyone

Mahalo….may this help all our people to go Inside and know themselves better. It’s all inside.



Canpeace Consultants Inc. Relationship Advisor
Writer of The Myths Around Aging
Creating Effective Relationships
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6 Responses to “The Power of Wealth.”

  1. Ron Says:

    Your simple courage, brings us so much joy. Thank you Peter. Your peaceful nature and calming words this weekend help us to make the final breakthrough.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    You have shared so much wisdom with me and I am grateful you don’t judge my life style but accept me as who I am. I’m knowing more about how to use money wisely because you have been a great teacher.

  3. Jane Says:

    Your books have help our Communties and clientele. Thank you. Our logo looks great on the back of your book. We are grateful. You are helping so many manage their money health and relationship so easily and eloquently.

  4. Ken Says:

    Our conversation was earth shattering. I am
    Amazed at the complexity of knowing the difference between successful people and leadership. You made the distinction so clear.
    And you also as you do so well bring back the “funk” in dysfunction!
    Well said and we enjoyed your sincere open and honest dialogue in how to deal with those lacking healthy communication skills to identify their fears around money greed and understanding energy as it source. It’s good you have shown our team how to identify emotional vampires and how unwilling they to seek truth at all cost to keep a material facade. No wonder anxiety is prevailing in our society. So your session really helped all our staff identify great leadership skills, improve and inspire and cultivate enthusiastic followers. No words can explain how eternally grateful our staff is in meeting you!

  5. Joe Says:

    Good seeing you again! Your style is good for these parts. My wife gets it because of you. How can we ever repay you? But you did say the right things at the right time. You are clear and precise in explaining the joy behind money management. And clearly how important it is to come clean from the beginning at where you are. You so memorized us and your style with “no frills” but full of substance shows how forgiving you are of other peoples action. You believe in accepting people where they are vs what others Do as explained with unhealthy women/men. It’s improved our relationship so much. Thank you. See you again. We have booked 7 more sessions with your assistant to see you.

  6. Brenda Says:

    A Beautiful Talk You Gave! Perfect!

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