Kissing with Love.

What is it, when people say one thing and do another? Someone asked….
What do you do when he’s/she’s manipulating and just wanting you to not recognize her/his bleak side?

Think of it this way: it’s working for them; going forward and trying something new will take a lot of processing of their current disconnect to what is aligned to truth.

And truth is always aligned with giving.
But the above character star above is about taking, getting, great, lust, deceit at its grander but it’s done to make themselves happy, for the short hall.
One day here and hour or two there and weekend here. But to no avail.
Happiness always comes in just making one other person happy.

Does the above questions of certain people’s sound like happy people?

What do you think will make you happy?!
Getting a kiss? Or giving someone a kiss?





One Response to “Kissing with Love.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I have learned from you how giving is important and my problem has always thinking that with my looks I can get whatever I want. Yet you taught what you give, you’ll receive. I’m grateful.

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