Lessons in Life 101

I’ve been asked to help people and companies to deal with a myriad of challenges, but there is one principle factor that must always be remembered.

Remember that the life lessons we all need to learn, are all the same, only the scenarios are different.

Said again – another way here.

Every Lesson we must learn in life is exactly the same for another person, only the scenario – story is different.

Best thing is, is to have someone along the way to help you deal with anything and everything. Where there are two minds there is always a third helping find answers. The key is to differentiate between listening and hearing and the following through with integrity of action.

–Peter Sammarco
(c) 2012, Canpeace Consultants Inc.



4 Responses to “Lessons in Life 101”

  1. Donna Says:

    Our company runnning better because of your suggestions.

  2. Johnathan Says:

    Your compassionate heart and caring ways makes business flow and your love shows in all that you gave to us.

  3. Michele Says:

    Everything you shared has help us run this business efficiently.

  4. jennine Says:

    Peter you are a blessing.

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