Are you Aware.

Awareness is simple. All we do are aligned and we can help believe we are those qualities we want to revere.

It takes only a willingness to be open gradually to your effortless changing your inner world, this is thus changing everything and anything around you.

This pattern, does not require any suffering or a guru or teacher to tell you how to get to a place of being in tune with ones Self. It’s all inside you already.

All our efforts must be understood by not changing the world but rather be wise by just changing yourself.

All Karma is transcended through forgiveness yet one must learn from the planets lessons. Change nothing but enjoy each part of every moment of fun, good food and enjoyment in all you do to the fullest.

Honesty might be a great value, but nonetheless, you learn about cheating deceiving and lying to see what you want by choosing your own actions. When aligned with love all healing comes, equally beautiful, as when you may have lived in hate, fear, jealousy or shameful worry. It’s all a process.

So go on living with a great sense of humor; we are here to laugh with humanity and have fun! Life is never serious unless you make it that way.

All of life is a perfect balance of what we chooses to seek inside ourselves. What we reflect we create as who we are always becoming.

—Peter Sammarco.



5 Responses to “Are you Aware.”

  1. Jane Says:

    Staying Aware: This makes me reflect, the willingness to be open verse the need to be open. Through this willingness I can attract the qualities I so desire. With a compassionate heart to myself with the ever changing inner world. But more importantly have fun will I’m doing it!
    Thank Peter

  2. John Says:

    As you mentioned recent: there is no greater awareness than greatest awareness of love.
    You have shown me how to communicate with my wife and how to have ask and share together ideas that inspire us both to take that vacation or communicate openly our thoughts and desires with love. Thanks Peter. My wife loves you and our children adore you as well.

    Again thank you.



  3. Rhonda Says:

    You have shown me how a healthy relationship looks like. I’m so glad you pushed my husbands button and mine. Though you talked like you knew nothing about our situation, in fact you were aware all along. Thank you for caring about our marriage so much. You truly help people stay together.

  4. Jill Says:

    Your seminar on the island was amazing and we are so thankful for sharing it with us during Passover shalom shalom

  5. Sheila Says:

    If it wasn’t for you, my relationship with my boyfriend by now might be over!
    You have help me see how stop being such a “drama queen” and not try to get my own way.
    I know my sexuality must be used to bring us closer! And Living with Love I feel is going inwardly in the same direction. As you have mentioned we are most happy when we make others happy and are unconditional with our love. My boyfriend has always wanted me to be happy and I realized that best way to be happy was to make him happy vs trying manipulate him, thus as you said, “just causes more drama”
    I’ve stopped by going within and making my world inside of myself, a creation of loving presence towards him and others. But most importantly I also realized how you shared that what we keep from him, he’ll keep withholding himself. And what I give him, he’ll give the same back. So I have chosen to give by following through my soul and creator vs trying to learn everything by processing in only in my head. You are truly allowing me to live with love vs manipulate my man to do or believe what I want him to do. That’s total control and it almost cost me the loss of someone I know truly loves me. You shared so much but your presence alone has touch us both so much. Thank you Peter
    Shalom shalom. Peace. PS your prices are so valuable to so many others. I’ll be sure we pass your beautiful practice onto others. And your seminar was great! Very inspirational indeed!

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