The benefits of Aging

We have Greater Wisdom after 40.
A more larger understanding and greater awareness becomes clear; thus we can share with others our own experiences and help others grow even faster. The world is always evolving and expanding as our own heightened connection with the Infinite is understood.

We begin to see how we all are interconnected and we trust ourselves as we begin to know, love and caring from a more giving perspective.

When we want to share we then understand wisdom comes in many ways: by giving of our love, time generously to all those around us and whose lives we touch.

All We Do Comes From the Inner Power Inside of Us All. The greater understanding of the Infinite Inside of Us all is greatly understood after 70!

Hence, as we become older we become more aware of God being identified within the body. We actually know God intimately…. We don’t have to wait that long but some believe being God is blasphemes and yet science proves we are all Gods within the Body.

(Knowing God Intimately — by Peter Sammarco)

The Myths Around Aging is about to have a second printing, as a Pre-release, and I’m excited to begin sharing that with you too!

Until Then enjoy life; follow your bliss and do what you love….and money will follow.


Peter Sammarco



One Response to “The benefits of Aging”

  1. Stephen Says:

    You have help me agreat deal to see how my secretive ways have also taking me away from God. I have lived for higher monetary rewards all my life yet I released all that, by reading your books and have found peace once again. I also have found a greater relationship with my family thanks to you! Your hard nose approach with me help me see my bloakages very quickly. I was ready and you guided me every step of the way with your great books and person therapy.

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