Addiction: what others think

Once you choose your thoughts with care all other things come to you very easily.
I have recent met someone who is constant monitoring of what she says, what she reveals, and what she says to whom. Could you imagine living this way?!
First and foremost remember.
What you think is your choice.

But if one lived in truthful thoughts giving From ‘the place’, Inside Us All, then worrying what others think wouldn’t be such an addiction.

Hence once one chooses their thoughts carefully, from inside, there would be no need to worry about what others think; for they would be living from a new way: from the heart, their inner Self, their Soul, vs never ending thinking of what they think is self but is only an addiction to have power and control of what others are thinking of them. What is an addiction? You must only look at what’s above and see addictions are circles that never end in a feeling of feeling fine or good. But they think they have everything under control. Sadly it cannot be solve with the current way of thinking….only through a connection of staying in tune with the inner Self can anything and everything in life make true meaning of its Self.
Excuse any typo’s. Enjoy.


One Response to “Addiction: what others think”

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    thank you Peter, very interesting…something to think about. cheers Sheila

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