Love is Open…..

Throughout the Choices and Beliefs that I have concluded, there is one that I know best and is always in the depth of my soul, as well as known freely deep within my own Heart…

It is this:

Inside all of us is a greater need to be loved, wanted and to Love others with all our heart, body, mind and soul.

Some want to Be loved through giving, and receive something in return.

Others Loving through support, compassion and caring; and some others create love from a perfect balance of the Creator and Human Desire(s).

ALL are right yet neither one believe in the other….

Hence, as I look closely at the Delivery of my current Message, I have come to this final Conclusion:
As one dear friend once told me:

No Matter how pure your intentions, if the other persons intentions are not pure intentions, then no matter what you do to Send them LOVE or find a way to bring people together, the outcome is never good. Sadly the truth of an idealist at its finest.

On the other hand, we know that we can always forgive and transcending all karma through forgiving others and and ourselves. We are truly here to live by giving it all to the the eternal infinite beauty we are are always seeking within us all. INSIDE of us is all, ARE ALL the ANSWERS we will ever need to know.


With Love ALways,

PS … Love, that leads now to believing in what we are is always enthusiastically Inside of us….Know this Truth: Love is always about give and NEVER about getting. We bring out the Best in others through our willingness to Love ThySelf.
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One Response to “Love is Open…..”

  1. Bella Says:

    Love is open open to many possibilities

    Love is the greatest gift from God
    When you have love cherish it and protect it

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