I know nothing.

As I move forward I know the more I think I understand and know the more I gave myself the patience to see areas in my life that always need improving.

To make anything possible we all need to build the new, with the support of relatives or friends you know you can trust and trust you.


5 Responses to “I know nothing.”

  1. Brian Says:

    However you look at it, your books and message are always spoken from the heart. Thank you. Good to see you in the island newspaper. Great review on your book.

  2. John Says:

    You have taught me in your session, the importance of being yourself. Thank you. You said be the best you, not be the best jack or bob, but say, I am who I am and be the best you. Again Thank you Peter for your insight on dealing with those who I know are not accepting of who I really am. I know loving a woman, is becoming easier

  3. Janice Says:

    You have taught how important it is to love openly and unconditionally and to never condemn other people’s choice. Honesty always prevail, as you say. And you are right. It is happening now. Honesty sets me free. Thank you Peter

  4. Shani Kletz Perelmut Says:

    You are an amazing author and friend…. Your words always resonate with me… I am learning to live my truth through your wisdom and living for the moment… You always make me feel comfortable with me being me… I will never forget that… You have that down to a fine art… I love that you call a spade a shovel !!!
    Thank you so much Peter !!! Smiling… ❤

  5. Bella Says:

    love this pietro thanks for sharing

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