Freedom of The Individual: vs the lie of Democracy!

Freedom to think and have a mind your own is crucial. Democracy is what?! Freedom?! Really!?

“Much love your way. All healing comes naturally through inner peace and staying in tune with the infinite”

Here is a future blog I want to share with you before it’s printed:
Some Typo’s but you can get it:

No one has to love us.
Love is earned and is given freely.
Those who demand to be loved by giving gifts or giving compliments are as dangerous as those who condemn you directly with insults….Neither is good. Both are a form to attempt to have power and control of your feelings.
This kind of drama can easily avoided but not allowing others people’s insecurities and vengeance and jealously not to effect you. Also if you watch what such individuals do: you will see such subtle lying that is always prevalent in many of their conversations with others.

Those who love you are truly allowing you the freedom to grow and create space through loving compassion and continual patience and kindness that is not ‘hot headed’ when they don’t get what they want.
—Peter Sammarco


One Response to “Freedom of The Individual: vs the lie of Democracy!”

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    thank you Peter

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