Does Anyone Really Need a “Vancouver City Hall” or Mayor Counsel?!

What function does The City of Vancouver have & does city hall ever listen to needs of The people?!

Read below because they don’t listen:

1) Why are we The Citizens, paying for parking meters in downtown Vancouver until 10pm 7 DAYS A week for $2 every half hour?!

2) property taxes?! Who’s land is this anyways?!!! Is it not The Cities land! No!!!! Yet the city taxes every piece they have?!

3) can someone start a new business easier in Vancouver today than three years ago!? Answer: NO!

4) transportation and bridges.
Why is the city getting rid of TWO OVER PASSES on The Granville street bridge to build a condo!?

Noticed how the Mayor and his city counsel have stalled construction until after November election?!

Because after that there goes the over pass going west to pacific and Granville going south will go to build a condo….



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