Making Cities social outings

Vancouver has failed to make the transition of creating centers of connecting with others within the city.

Piazza’s (city circles) where people congregate, can be found all over Italy, where people can unite and connect with others OF ALL AGES!

Okay Vancouver may have some cool bike lanes but getting rid of a circular round about that was built part of Granville st. bridge is not wise; you know the one going north on the Granville street Bridge turning onto
Pacific to
Take horny St?!
And what for?! To build another condo?! I don’t think so.

Is making cars idle, ideal for a city going green?!
Think about this: less lanes to go over the burrard St bridge going south. Cars idle on pacific for far to long to make a right onto the Burrard St bridge. And who suffers!? The neighbours!!!!

Idling a vehicle is not going green. Mind you if all our cars have electrical stations by 2012 then sure; but is that happening yet?!

So where are the places for ordinary folks to meet with others in town, or the suburbs and downtown, other than shopping malls?!

Can we turn Robson square into a meeting place?

How about English Bay!?

Any suggestions in Yale town!?

Wait, coal harbour: how about where the trade and convention centre is?!
Nah! That is a peaceful place to see the majestic mountains. Forget that idea. And there is the Olympic caldron there too. Okay come think of it, it’s already a meeting place; but for all AGEs and classes of people?! Not yet…but real soon….



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