Harmony easily comes by living in balance with nature and a very healthy balance of desiring everything and anything in life within moderation.
We create desires to fulfill for example a goal a purpose and dream or vision.
And anything and everything we want can come true when we take five minutes to think about it closely and believe it is already there/here in our lives.


Fill the Need
Curb the Greed.

Harmony comes through honoring another with willing respect and treasuring the goal of creating success that all can achieve, from an inner goal of happiness and opulence to all while still being ourselves & maintaining balance and harmony without vanity or self righteousness.


Harmony cannot be found in controlling other people.


“You cannot escape responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today” Abraham Lincoln



12 Responses to “Harmony”

  1. Adam Says:

    You work Amazes my wife and I. Your practice and time has shown even my own patients how to heal through books on compassion, forgiveness and now your soon to be released, the myths around aging, has impressed a lot of our latest clientele.

  2. Brian Says:

    Adam has introduced your work to us.
    It is invigorating to see someone like yourself share openly and honest and sincere approach to dealing with everyday conflict. Thank you.

  3. Anthony Says:

    Incredible Character changes and awareness has been developed because of Peter Sammarco’s work. This one is one of many examples: The Power of the Present Moment, is a true master piece of genius as well as, The Five Pillars of Relationships, Another, Reclaiming the Soul, and most recently your gem for seniors is so delightful and rewarding:
    The Myths Around Aging. Thank you!

  4. John Y Says:

    My wife feels younger already. Thank you Mr Sammarco!

  5. Colin Hartley Says:

    If it wasn’t for you; I’d would have never started reading the books you gave me. Your most recent ones, especially, Reclaiming your soul and The Myths Around Aging, having inspired me to live again and regain my own power by making my own choices; As you have always said to me real freedom, is knowing yourself:
    Your book The Five Pillars of Relationships, explains that eloquently.

  6. Janice Whiteside Says:

    My man is a greater man because you Peter. He really is a changed man because of your work. You got him centered and his thought focus is clearer and he is always calmer to be around. What did you do to him? Incredible. Thank you. The universe sure works miracles throughout the world but especially through your talent to make my husband aware of himself and his boys again. Again how can I thank you. You are such a beautiful man. I am grateful that you share your truth with such vigor, charm and charisma. Truly great to be around, and husband has benefited from your presences immensely!

  7. Steven Says:

    Thank you Peter! I realize how much I need to work on releasing control.

  8. Bob Says:

    You sessions have changed my life around. These lasted blog entrees remind me and prove how important being true to yourself really is the cornerstone to knowing yourself and advancing your connection with others and especially with yourself first. Truly your sessions are a master piece of the infinite working through you Peter.

  9. Edel Says:

    Peter, this is beautiful – your spirit shows through your writing and your clear purpose in helping heal the relationship of this world. Blessings, Edel

  10. David. Says:

    You have changed my life. Thank you Peter. You are an open heart with a pot of gold. You soul resonates in all you do! And because you are so open, it scares those who just don’t understand what love is!
    As you have said the opposite of love is not hate but fear. And so many people are scared of everything others do because they have not forgiven others and themselves of past experiences as you pointed out last weekend.
    How can we change that? I asked you and you said:
    Don’t change anyone, just look at yourself and become more aware and understand others where they are is where they need to be and love them anyway. That is how you transform them with your loving kindness.
    Your answer astonished all of us.
    We are grateful for your time effort caring about humanity as you do. And you are fun to be around. We love your sense of humor.

  11. Antonia Says:

    Your open and caring heart has helped our children thank you for making time out of your busy schedule to helping our children. Aloha & many mahalos,

    Antonia and Dominic.

  12. Siva Says:

    Your friendship is beautiful.

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