$670 Million given to Bangladesh from Japan

JAPAN’s Contribution to Bangladesh:

Such Good News for Transportation and Logistics bridging Bangladesh and it’s island. It’s good to see Japan helping those countries needing financing for some of the poorest nations in the world.
This is the beginning of an era of prosperity to all Nations as well with great Banking Systems like the ones in Canada. Canada can also contribute to advancing Southeast Asian Nations, and creating safer economic success between all nations.

CANADA & First Nations:

The First Nations must be our first priority in Canada and all those in need in our own borders now…starting today.

Our contribution to the world must start with our own people, especially our needy.

ALSO, another point to recognize:

It’s First Nations that makes it even possible for anyone to even live here now. We must be very grateful for these and many other privileges bestowed to us thanks to First Nations who had nothing to gain from even allowing anyone in….
That’s where I first $100 Million must go: to the FIRST NATIONS and all in need of financial assistance from fires to family life tragedies.

—Peter Sammarco


One Response to “$670 Million given to Bangladesh from Japan”

  1. Carrier-Woman Says:

    Mussi cho Peter!!!

    Well said. Interesting to note that even amidst their own tragedy with their recent earth quakes, that Japan can reach out to other nations needing help.

    Thank you too, for recognizing the important role that my people have played in the history of this country. We are an important part of its fabric and will continue to be so in this millennium and more.

    I hold my hands up to you for acknowledging that. 🙂

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