Happiness comes in Serving Others

A true friend supports others. Cares about others and their dreams.
A true friend builds you up versus knocks you down.

A person lacking feelings of any action in love has other ulterior motives. Be aware that those who know your weakness choose to exploit them for their gains.

The darkness of a person comes evidently clear when there is lack of empathy towards others.

When one has no feelings for others that is what we call a psychopath.

Be aware of those who do not care about you but are more concerned at what they can get versus what they can give and offer to the serving of a true friend.
Love is serving others. A true caring friend lives a life that is separate from you, but wants and desires to see you succeed in life.



2 Responses to “Happiness comes in Serving Others”

  1. Carrier-Woman Says:

    Well said! Surrounding yourself with those that will care about what makes you happy, as well as what makes you sad or angry, is truly a gift!!

  2. bellaja Says:

    I interpret petersammarco.wordpress.com via google translate – provision up with the good stuff !


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