Organized Knowledge.

When some seeks to find answers to truth within them they are looking in the right direction.

With ourselves is always the greatest answers.

The genius we seek is in each one of us.

In fact we are all in tune with an
Inner Self that is constantly guiding us when we hear and listen to the inner voice talking to us every moment of the day.

Are we paying attention to this voice?!
One way to tap into the inner guiding principles and laws is to write.

Writing clarifies many avenues in us

Another way is through sitting calmly in stillness and silence.

All forms work.

Another can be a walk through the forest.

Trouble is do we do it.
Action always changes our emotions
To think only without action leads to misery. Always do what your inner voice tells you to do. No matter how illogical it sounds, listening to our inner guidance is key.

Our president or prime minister must do the same as we do. And we all are greater at doing thus than we think, if we act on it we can receive the fruit that comes in listening to our connection and being continually in tune with the infinite, that is each one of us now.



One Response to “Organized Knowledge.”

  1. Daniel Says:

    You have a fantasic week to a stellar man!

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