Criticizing others destroys


Be receptive to love and avoid those who criticize you or live in negative pointing directions.

Criticizing others is a dark form of destroying someone else’s belief in what they do.
Again as I have written in my book, The Five Pillars of Relationships,
“When your pointing the finger at someone, remember there are still three pointing at you.”

Whether in the past or present, we all can forgive ourselves if we have condemned ourselves. But when others come at you, criticizing, know, that usually means they are hiding something themselves; and are only lowering their own energy and humiliating themselves; in fact they are revealing and you are seeing their true colors.

I was just telling Serafina, my wonderful mother, how one individual who she knows, is ALWAYS, criticizing and telling people what she thinks of them and screaming when she is not getting what she wants. But remember

Someone’s else’s requests, can gently be ignored, or politely shrugged off with a thank you but no thank you. And say I am on my path and don’t have time for distractions or those who want you to veer off your own path.

When others don’t have a purpose, sometimes their purpose is to find others to live their lives, so they don’t have to reveal themselves.

Haven’t you noticed the person who goes from one relationship to the next, never really wants to expose or reveal who they are nor, do they want to look at themselves.

Also some people actually believe that the ten commandants are multiple choice. Not to mention that loving others isn’t even a part of some peoples vocabulary, unless they can get what they want out of you first: And that is not love. Love serves others; it’s not self seeking.

Unfortunately, when we can focus on somebody else as an excuse, not looking at ourselves gets easier; yet sadly the more we stay back in our teenage years to relive them or ignore the callings of our soul, the darker we spiral into a never ending pit of desires, greed passions, lust, void of any love but full of instant gratifications, constant forms of greed, from attention, to approval, to what others think of us, to sex etc etc.

The point is: finding love and divinity within ourselves; look no further but what is inside.

Those who criticize your well being of you wanting to be in tune with the infinite are just wanting you to stoop to their levels. Don’t. Harmony is inside of you. Those who disappoint you were never your friends anyway.
Choose wisely who you consider to be a friend.
Because those who criticize are really only their to hide the many different masks they are wearing already, for so called sisters, parents or their so called partners or loved ones and even all of society.


2 Responses to “Criticizing others destroys”

  1. Shaila Krupa Karuna Says:

    Pietro! Dear friend! How are you? This is beautifully expressed. In gratitude for your words of wisdom. Trust you and yours are well.
    Keep in touch. When you visiting Hollywood again?

  2. jennin Says:

    wonderfulll post my friend

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