How far is too much suffering?

How much suffering must someone endure before one chooses to forgive?
How long should a mass of people suffer for the woeful errors of others?
How much struggle is necessary before someone is allowed to heal?

Right now inmates in Mission, BC have been in lock down because of one senseless stabbing caused by another inmate?!
How long must the whole institute be locked down!?
Does anyone know how many families suffer who cannot see their loved ones because one idiot decides it’s okay to stab another inmate?!

Or how long do all inmates get fed food not even good for them not even fit for dogs?!

How much punishment is really necessary before growth & healing can begin!?

How long do inmates go without computers to learn? Books to read!?

We must help all those suffering, through reconciliation, forgiveness and inner healing. We need proper rehabilitation for all inmates in jail…

And though some need to do their time….and I agree with punishing to do the time one has been given by a court and the law.

But how about an inmate who is still in jail for a break and entry after 16 years?! Is that worth suffering that long for such a crime?!
Does that make any sense to you?!

Why are criminals in of small petty theft in jail for years while other hard criminals, such as some politicians, or killers, still as is roaming the streets or even running in political office right now as we speak!?

Something is dead wrong right now and the Federal Government better figure out how to help inmates, who are people too, who no longer deserve to be in jail; while others out on the loose are only causing more problems in main stream society.

How long before we allow inmates to heal from their deep rooted wounds and move back into main stream society?!
How long!?
When a parent does not heal sometimes a child does not either. And wounded adults, as I have seen many who I help, cost a lot to all of society when one adult alone is not yet healing.




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