Focus on what you can do

When we ignore the nay Sayers or those who attempt to knock you down with every possible punch they can;
we are sending a message loud and clear by ignoring those who do not successfully deserve any of our attention. Renew your own spirit and move forward knowing:

We are the creator of our own world and say “I am in control of my own destiny” and then one can reclaim their soul.

Those who find pleasure in thinking only of themselves have no right to enslave you to what they want to do.

Just as those who deny what they have said or what they have done are of no need of your attention; neither are those who oppose your way of life or how you view god and or universal consciousness and the laws that make all things possible.
Your spiritual path is of your own making. Others who fear your way, are of no significance concern to you…

Just do and be yourself and:

Believe. And live in the power of the present moment, knowing that by ignoring the past of what people say, you can focus on what you know is truth and you know what you can do.

What you pay attention to and focus on must always grow and expand.
Think, meditate, visualize, feel, contemplate and believe in all you that you are, and just allow things and let them be.

—Peter Sammarco




One Response to “Focus on what you can do”

  1. Daniel Says:

    You talked yesterday how important it is to be yourself and to live in harmony with your surrounding. Thank you

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