Tell me more

I had a call today, and we talked about this:

When others attack you, know defensiveness is the first sign of war.

But if you listen to their opinion of you and reply, so you think I am, this or that or acting like etc,?

Really? Tell me more so I can be more like what you think I should be. I don’t want you to feel or think that is who I am. Tell me more so I can change and improve myself.

Now you have stopped their line of fire or attacks towards you and the person or persons can’t really say anything else.



One Response to “Tell me more”

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    its ok to think differently….its ok to agree to disagree.
    we are unique as a snowflake and yet connected by
    a golden thread. A piece of the jigsaw puzzle ye thinks…

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