External opinions have no power over you.

When my sister Isabella passed away at the age of 14, I learned some very challenging lessons as a young teenage. But one that still stands today more than ever is the continual outside worlds intention to attempt to bring someone down. A woman I know well, who has been my client in the passed lives her whole life from external values. Thus her desire to control the outside world is a part of her being. As she values what others think of her and what urges her to push others away with humiliating words only effects her further.

I remember how Isabella, my sister felt when her friends would visit her at home or the hospital and they were all “worried about something outside of their control”….

My mother has suffered deeply in the long hours at the hospital and waiting to see if Isabella was still was breathing in the morning.
Sadly these type of experiences don’t even effect nor have any concern to those who have private agendas, to quite frankly tell others what “they think of them or you etc”
These moments understand that others are not interested in forgiveness and view forgiving as a threat to their drive to have their personal intentions to be driven and manipulate the outside/external world with dark actions towards others. Hoping you will stoop to their level and believe in an external cause such as to marry or have children or control your life’s dreams or visions. The groups and family opinions of such individuals holds strong to them and instead of unveiling their whole garbage of lies and deceit that is pushed onto others by words they deny and blame others for pain inflicted onto them. As we know pain hurt turns to anger and anger to hate and hate to killing.
But what this does for those who know the internal world has more power than the external world, us that we reclaim our power over others who are so desperately trying to push you into their level.
Understand this we all have the power to not to listen to external opinions, but to know inside who we really are.

I learned the power of asking my inner world to guide me… As it always has and always will. Unfortunately for those who seek attention and demand time of you with no other cause to harm you for their own power and pleasures must be avoided.

And lastly forgive them for they do not know what they have done and move on, knowing your inner world has you claiming your power. And the external world will bombard us with opinions judgements and wrath. But tired and weak as the become, their own hatred towards themselves will have them spiraling into a web of no return.

Find the inner power and nothing that is from inside world can hurt you nor can other peoples action or words find meaning in the heart. The external world has little or no power of anyone unless you let their opinion be more important than your very own.

I know who I am. And I live by an inner purpose and love what I do. I have always known the my path —
it is sad when others don’t and thus do not listen to their inner genius that can tell us what to do next. It is inside of us all to listen and hear closely to what is inside of us all.

To create real enlightenment we all must reach it beautifully together. So pray that others who aren’t there that you are there in spirit to guide… We can pick our friends up, but not hold their hands when one falls from grace.

As my friend once said, while having a green tea matcha together, and I love this one. It resonates with my experience with my sister Isabella:

“…be still and know that I am matcha”



One Response to “External opinions have no power over you.”

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    do you mean what other people think about me is none of my business????

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