Bitterness & Depression


Those who are depressed are also bound to be very Bitter. I met such a woman who has spent what it seems almost a whole life time bitter.
Her Husband passed as well several years ago and she is still bitter at those around her. She values her box and likes staying in her comfort zone. She pretends that she really made a change by leaving one town but brought all of her baggage along. Her psyche is surrounded by bitter thoughts of her experiences and finds Truth difficult to accept. If one tells her the truth the truth is avoided by saying, “what you said or how you said that made me feel uncomfortable” or @ last ditch effort, to avoid any communication, “we are not in synch”
We!? Who ever said we!?

Does she want to truth?

As my sister says DAH?!
when the truth makes us feel uncomfortable we are growing. DAH!

Some find fault in others because hearing the truth makes no sense to their linear thinking. If we do not have any emotions or feelings in our lives or avoid them we are on the border line of becoming psychotic…

She needs to ask her spirit back and let her other self die and move onto another path. We can lead a horse to water but we can never make them drink it. It is time we all forgive ourselves and accept ourselves as we are divinely accepted once we choose to understand the universal laws awaiting upon us to use and learn to heal the past through forgiveness. True riches is in loving ourselves.

Look at chapter IV LOVE ThySelf.
In the book The Five Pillars of Relationships.
heal the past through forgiveness


2 Responses to “Bitterness & Depression”

  1. Erzsebet Says:

    First of all, depression is an illness caused the by the chemical inbalance of the brain.
    Those who are depressed, not necessarily want to be so. To get the chance to get better, they need to take medication.
    Then, it is very important for them to see clearly that they are ill and to be able to progress in their everyday life, they need to change their actions…
    To go out, to do things, even things that they have never done before. To meet people…
    But because of the nature of this, they do not have the strength sometimes…So, they need to build up a daily routine of physical exercises, too.
    To feel better does not happen within two days, and very challenging task for those who care for them. But without their own will you cannot do much but you cannot give up on them. And your constant precence in their lives, your understanding , support, help, forgiveness and love of friends and relatives they will win.
    Give helping hnd to them, no matter how

  2. Erzsebet Says:

    difficult your journey with them will be.
    But the reward is going to be awesome…
    A saved soul…
    Who could not have made it without you…!

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