Remember who you are is a Genius.

Always maintain your inner power and keeping true to yourSelf: know that we all are who are by saying,
“I am who I am.”

Don’t let someone else steal your power. We can always help someone up but don’t let them drag you down with them by holding their hand every time ones going through a difficulty.
I have experienced numerous of times, one old friend and client who actually felt that not only do they want me to lift them up, but they want me to carry them up and carrying their hand. My suggestion: DON’T do it.

Being present and making choices that are worthy of benefiting is the key.

An impressed Friend

I remember a dear new friend had called to talk and asked a few things about himself and the challenges he was facing at that time; he remembers that I gave no big long convoluted answers like some of his other friends or family might have. But said just these few words:
“….seek and know the Genius is within you.”






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