Peaceful Moments with Good Friends

A real friend lifts you up and is always their to make you a better person than you were yesterday. He/She truly cares about your well being and lifts your spirits.

Those are friends, who share ideas, inspire and love you and are always, showing their love in action. As one friend told me, “Peter Love is not a noun, it’s an action verb.”

I am thankful of all my dearest friends who care, love and accept and allow space to grow and to be part of our continual, “own growing individuality” through a master mind of universal inspiration. Thus from there we both share our individual views: and in our differences of opinion, we find our commonalities.

Someone one was asking today, how to deal with difficult people who send e mails and behave in ways that are inappropriate!?

First, Never stoop to the level of those who e mail negative e mails to you; or else you will get caught up in their dark spiral of never ending intentions to try to bring you down to their level. Only communicate once one can come up to your level. Until then it’s best to let them know they don’t exist in your mind and that they are just like a stone in the ocean. Better yet, say nothing and all they say about you is a true reflection of who they are. Remember we attract into our lives, as my mother always said the kind of person that we are inside as well.

Friends are not reactive nor greedy in their love.

In all real friendships, all the room to grow is given, and comes from a universal understanding.
All peace comes from within us. And true friends brings out the best in us and loves us when we need the help the most. It’s an easy give & take.

We are all friends and family in the world. Humanity is my family. And we are here to fulfill a need and express it from our deepest desire to grow and change ourselves. We can never change anyone else. But when we go within ourselves, we find love understanding and the freedom that comes in knowing thyself. (read The Five Pillars of Relationships, Know ThySelf, chapter I: Peter SAMMARCO



2 Responses to “Peaceful Moments with Good Friends”

  1. Ingrid Says:

    Why is it Peter that some people think that waving around their money like saying I bought a house near you, but don’t care about anyone but controlling what is not controllable? Is it their motive to harm others as you said before? In the end it sounds like your new book can help many as you said to “keep your own power, and to not let others to take away your power”
    Each chapter from what is seen here shows us how to not allow others to take away our power.
    Your compassion and inner strength is contagious. Thank you Peter. Truly Grateful.

  2. Ed Says:

    Your mission here Peter has shown in our many previous conversations! I am aware how thoughtful and caring you are. And know sometimes others are really wanting to be your friend but don’t realize to be your friend they must be their own individual that have greater strengths to share in a friendship with you. You have been a true friend and I am grateful you have always been an amazing baron, great communicator throughout the years. Go forward with this new book and see you near our hospitals and senior centers soon. Aloha and Mahalo my friend.

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