In our drive to love

Love is an inner Goal and never one of external peace.
When we choose to be at peace in our lives others might reflect to look at their own.
Change is always an inside job, contrary to what calls of some politician who lie to receive votes. Change nothing but yourself. Love is the same, when we love others in our deeds thoughts and actions, we begin again to understand love at it’s core and it’s essence.

For others, fear, guilt, or ‘being found out’ takes presence to telling the Truth.

Lying, denying, what we do or say and Drama or greed of many forms comes from a misunderstood notion that we must all look within ourselves and return to a living Grace.

—‘When care for just one other person in this world, there’d will be no more lonely people in this world. Caring and loving one another is world peace’




2 Responses to “In our drive to love”

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    cant wait for your next book with your wisdom, love and compassion. and, of course, your beautiful photos

  2. Stevie Says:

    Love this… Happy Easter!!! Love to you, Stevie

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