Choose Peace Canada

Protecting our Country is not as important as protecting our Land from destruction of pollution and internal violence. We need to help all of humanity be a untied world, with the powers we are guided by: the universal laws of nature.

Canada will never be a military Super Power.
Canada’s Intentions Must Always be to Choose Peace in all its Affairs With Other Nations.
We need not consult NATO,
As some Political parties suggest; but we must protect our territories from abusive Neighbours who fly and sail in Canadian waters without proper permission and authorization.

But wait is that such a big deal anyway?!
Whose land is it anyways?!
Who controlled these areas before a Canadian Government stepped in anyway?!

Think about this for a moment….
Who is a native of Canadian?!
Those who are born in Canada or the original Natives as we know as the most spiritual in tune people of the world!?

Peace comes in Loving and Honouring our Neighbour. And Loving the Divine Nature that exists in us all. THUS we must also choose Peace in this world and it starts within our own Hearts and Living rooms.
Canada knows what it wants; so all politicians listen:

We want peace




One Response to “Choose Peace Canada”

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    I dont understand are you talking about America????

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