Our Canada


Our Canada: is one a place of peace
Our Canada: is a place of understanding
Our Canada: is a place of Grace
Our Canada: is a place continual change and opportunity.
Our Canada: is one place that accepts all and sees no colour but the colour of everyone’s heart.
Our Native Land is one of Nature and Your Neighbours love one another and get along; all nationalities are friends and all races get along Harmoniously.

Where so does the conflict begin?!

In political greed? Our Abuses of power? Is it in deceiving the public to believe another game of who really is effecting this election?

Is this Election just another distraction to avoid the real issues facing Canada and this beautiful world of ours and it’s surrounding Universal Laws and universes?!

Fact is Canada is our Citizens who have the power to change this world by changing really only their inner selves



One Response to “Our Canada”

  1. Valerie Says:

    BEAUTIFULLY SAID!!! The potential for greatness is already there inside each of us! Thank you for reminding me Peter! 🙂

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