Lowering Taxes helps Small mom and pop Businesses.

In the front of the Globe & Mail today April 13th, this is what our Prime Minister Said (written below):

Notice how we still have 4 white males and three are just attacking our Prime Minister? Where are the Italian or Native population or others leading this nation, we call our Native Land!?

First Nations might be busy taking care of the challenging tasks one is facing in many first Nation communities, but it’s about time we see some real power in office that reflection the true vision of our Nation! We need the help of the real people of this Land to get us back on track. And we need this right now in the century.

In Vancouver Centre all the candidates running in the federal election are women. That is a start but when is this country going to pick a man or woman who truly knows this native land we call now our home?
12:26 pm April 13th 2011



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