Experiencing Life.

“Life is the greatest bargain:
We get it for nothing.”
Yiddish Proverb

When we begin our life’s/live’s lessons we think back wondering what happened there and why….but it is in asking why that we go so wrong. For example, one cannot answer why Do people kill each other versus using perfectly logical and reasonable forms of communication between two open hearted individuals with an open minded dialogue to discuss their differences.

Why, we ask do we choose peace one day, then war the next?
Just like why do people become envious or jealous???

Why is such a blame game approach. And why is only a way to look to blame someone else for a problem that exists within us to find a deeper and more meaningful answer. Why is only a shallow way to try to fix a problem. But unfortunately, how can we ask why when there is no answer to many people crazy and absurd actions towards others And even themselves.!?

Asking why someone kill another is just like trying to understand the psychopath who did it in the first place.

Why would one want to know the mind of a killer if it would only lead to become one yourself?!
You can’t do that. It’s not possible to understand why people do what they do; and to ask why, will only drive you insane, crazy and is totally a waste of time.

One must put their energies on positive outcomes from ones struggles but not waste time getting bogged down with why,”he/she did that to me” attitudes, as if blaming or finding out why would make one feel better?! Never!
It solves nothing to fine out why a psychopath killed his/her families daughter. No resolve and no peace.

As Aldous Huxley put it so eloquently,
“Experience is not
What happens to a man,
It is what a man does
With what happens to him.”

Lifers or those in jail pay a dear price for killing others no doubt about that; but most hatred itself is the problem of killing. Killing begins when one hates him or herself. So eventually what is needed in all of our experiences is inner healing or in jail, “rehab” for the life’s lessons of taking someone’s life.

All life is sacred and all experiences are a divine grace given beautiful to us.

We all must make choices in life. Do we choose peace, caring actions towards others or chaos or war or term oil in all of our experiences?

That is the real question of life.
Do find meaning in living a fulfilling life of serving our fellow man?

Inevitably we can be here to serve all of humanity and it begins by experiencing how we can serve the needy, who need us the most.


When we care about one another just one other person in this world, there will not & cannot be anymore lonely people. By caring for another we are saving the world. We save the world by caring about others as equally as any other brother or sister we call our own.

All of humanity is effected by our efforts. Every drop creates an element of loving thoughts and inner peace in our world and those arounds us;
like the ripples that are effected by a pebble or wave from a ship, so too can we change the world, by changing ourselves first.

Loving thoughts





2 Responses to “Experiencing Life.”

  1. susan Says:

    lovingly written

  2. Ted Says:

    You’ve help me deal with a lot. At least I am doing what I know helps others now

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