What is more important than understanding Truth?
Who are we when we take time to sit down and be in tune? In this,
slowing down, letting things be still, silent and silent thus calm, clear and centered, from this stillness do we find all our answers?
We know when we stand up then sit down. I remember a time I went to a friends house to have a green match tea. I popped on his favourite spot before a movie we were going to watch.
After I got up he laid down on his tummy and told me how his girlfriend lied right on top of his back … Like loving silent beings, their stillness and silence together brought them closer together. Of course they are already close but this time of connecting without communicating and not arguing helps any couple create and grow.

Do we choose peace in our relationships?
Or do we violent protest to create more violence?

What are we aware of in our surroundings?!

What do we know when we see?!
What do we see when we know!?





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