To Eat Healthy & Daily Walking and Sit Ups

Salt: avoid it.
When we eat out we greatly appreciate a good meal, but also know “Many meals out” include more sodium than required as daily consumption.

Junk food: anything in a rapper is probably a processed food, and keep it to a minimum; more as an emergency snack and best be not eaten.

Water: on an empty stomach and when getting up in the morning and when it is from the tap, let it sit 24 in your fridge to allow the chlorine to evaporate.
Drop a little bit of organic lemon in your water….

Fruit on an empty stomach. Avoid a lot of fruit juices that have high sugar content. And again best eaten on an empty stomach. Fruit combinations with cheese is common but can really increase your waist line as well.

Eat all three square meals on time and as early as possible.
Have sooner or later a meal that includes all the four food groups. And eat at 12 noon versus at 2 for lunch. Have dinner at 5 or 6, versus 8 or 9.
Because either way, after eating one will need to what? Yeah, aha, and you’ll need to go for a walk to burn some calories, that’s right.

Do sit ups every morning and night. When your chi energy is strong then your whole body can become stronger again as well. See yourself as already fit and with time and the right food combinations as well as having a daily fitness program, ie walking and sit ups, and swimming or leg raises or other stomach movements etc, one can be fit in no time.

All Love,

( these are the opinions of Peter SAMMARCO. One must consult a proper nutritionist or fitness trainer of choice to produce the right results for ones Self. Even a good energy healer.
Your friends or personal medical physician or medical intuitive are some suggestions.

Hence, Peter SAMMARCO focuses on the Whole Self and can Coach and Advise what options work best for individual need fit for you)



2 Responses to “To Eat Healthy & Daily Walking and Sit Ups”

  1. Erzsebet Says:

    I think it is more than cut back your sugar and salt intake.
    For being able to maintain a healthy body weight you should be easy on eating ‘energy bombs’, like bread, meat,chocolate, sweets and cakes.
    And you should follow this wise Hungarian saying- in the morning eat as a king, for lunch as a bourgeois and as a beggar for dinner.
    And doing regular exercises will help not to put on weight.
    But you need to be kind to yourself , too, eating is not only feeding the body but feeding the soul, as well.

  2. Peter Says:

    Eating foods from your own ethic background is crucial to long life. As is making sure you eat within moderartion of anything & everything one wants to eat.

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