Vancouver has an energy that is growing every minute.



6 Responses to “Vancouver.”

  1. Jennine Says:


  2. Sheila Laureta Says:

    still waiting for your book owith your photos, perhaps with a few of your poems??????????

  3. jennine Says:

    totally agree with sheila a book of your photos would be wonderful

  4. Erzsebet Says:

    It is not about Vancouver, I think.
    But an inner feeling, a type of satisfaction everyone feels who is lucky enough to call a place- HOME…!
    There are far too many people, though who are not as lucky as you are.
    Who have lost their homes, friends, everything they have had.
    I pray for them not to lose their hope, that there is always a new beginning…!
    I am thinking of those…!

  5. jennine Says:

    it reminds me of hope,
    i indeed have lost my home, my marriage and almost my life. but not my spirit
    some days are harder than others
    each day is a gift
    a new start
    and maybe someday there will be someone will love me enough to let me rest my head on their chest.
    the clouds are temporary
    storms will come and go
    but that light in the backdrop
    is full of love and hope
    and yes you can bet your bottom dollar
    the sun will come out tomorrow
    ps i am a broadway junkie

  6. Michele Says:

    The energy you feel Vancouver has is the reflection of the great energy from within

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