Food Supply.

I am sadden that such food supply such as milk and spinach are now a new time high of radioactive levels.
Long term consumption of these foods is not advisable.

But what if you drink milk everyday or eat spinach everyday?
Where are you going to get your new food supply?
What new distributors of milk or veggies have you ever seen in your neighborhood let alone in Japan?

Serious Melt Down is only going to make these matters worse. We must now pray and know that the supply of food for the people need be/must be safe.


2 Responses to “Food Supply.”

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    what are you talking about. people are suffering right now, thousands of lives lost. grieving is needed. we will get to our tummys later

  2. Ted Says:

    As you said and mentioned today that now the sea weed and all fish and plant life is effected. The milk and grass cows eat, and now traces of radiation on BC’s coast as you had said. You were right, it hitting Hawaii and elsewhere! it already has!

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