Mediation vs War. & Japan’s Nuclear fatal catastrophe

War is about, greed and money.
Creating and understanding to hear both sides of the story must come first.

Mediation helps us look at both points of view and discuss the feelings and emotions of both sides, with some facts and statistics and linear, logical reasonable dialogue….

Libya, who is shooting the guns anyway? Who is killing who?
What foreign interests are there in Libya?
Who is really telling the Truth?

Just look at the Nuclear facility in Japan!

Why are we being distracted from thus very important issue in Japan, over some war that could be avoided through mediation and peaceful dialogue.

Thus, the fish, the waters over the pacific are being contaminated by this melt down in Japan, and we are avoiding to discuss this sensitive issue of our planet?! Our water, our fish, our food supply, must be more important.
The danger in Japan is immanent and more important.

Why not look at OTEC in Hawaii for alternative uses of fuel now!

What oil does foreign interests want in Libya now?

Mediate or strike!?

In Libya:

Sound more like a New World Order.


One Response to “Mediation vs War. & Japan’s Nuclear fatal catastrophe”

  1. Erzsebet Says:

    True but the manifucture of arms is as old as human kind.
    Simply, business that provides work for many people to be able to put bread on the table.
    The type of silent resistance mostly known by Gandhi is not enough many times to stop criminals who turn against their own people as Colonel Gadhafi has been doing for quite a while.
    Weapons need to be used to protect the innocent, the vulnarable, the brave to give them chance for freedom, for a better future.

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