Japan’s Grief is Unbearable

Sadly, as we see, Japan’s situation, it is one that can only be held with sorrow and much compassion to it’s people to insure we all ban together to help it’s citizens to be strong through their loss of family and friends. As we share in their loss we must also understand the suffering that many feel at this time, of beginning again, with nothing but themselves.
Praying together and Sending love and an action plan of continued compassion is one key element of many other components needed at this time of need throughout Japan and the world.
Peter Sammarco


3 Responses to “Japan’s Grief is Unbearable”

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    thank you Peter for your senitive and loving nature. I have so many friends there and have been able to be in touch with most of them. they do not complain and are rolling their sleves up to help others., /They appriciate all our love and prayers….fox news was putting them down saying they don’t show their feelings and they are secretive..how little they know of their culture…when I lived there I was shown such unconditional love and kindness….shame on people for judging them during such heartbreaking times. I know you lived tyhere Peter and in fact did a video about culture. Perhaps it would help those who so narrowing judge what they don’t know to listen to it. thanks for letting me let off steam much love Sheila

  2. Erzsebet Says:

    Anyone who is mourning for Japan, or for anyone you have lost someone important recently, can feel the pain and sorrow for this exeptional country.
    But what about Lybia, there are so may true souls there, Egypt, can we remember of those who suffer there…, too, please?
    And Tibet..!!! Tibet!!! Tibet!!!!

  3. Sheila Laureta Says:

    we are one world…all of us are connected through oura hearts…I have friends who are Tibitain priests who had to flee for their lives who now are my neighbors…they have a gift for love and being present here now. my heart aches for those courageous young people in Egypt, Lybia and other countries that are fighting for their freedom. I am holding space and sending love and light to those areas. They will be free. Their voices will be heard.

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