Help those who are open to getting help

As we all know, helping someone who does not want to be helped is a waste of time.

And at all cost, avoid negative people.

Be certain to say no to those who blame others for their circumstances that they created themselves.

All love. But forgive them for they don’t even know what they are doing.

Peter Sammarco.


2 Responses to “Help those who are open to getting help”

  1. Ted. Says:

    I met a girl whose every other word she says is negative. Then if I get angry she still blames it on me, that I make her uncomfortable. Is this common negative attitude just a form of manipulation like some evil dark entity?

  2. Valerie Says:

    It’s one thing to be a friend and listen and support someone in their time of need but when they start to sweep you up into the circle of blame is another all together. I learned this evening that this person simply does not want to take any responsibility for their situation and instead chooses to deflect and find others to blame. The worst part being when they say they’re mad at you but won’t even tell you why. It’s like being held emotionally hostage. I actually was challenged about WHY I always seem to be smiling. I made it clear that every morning I wake up, I make a choice! I simply choose to be happy. Thank you once again for sharing your wisdom!!

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