The Real Brainwashing of Wars

How is it that young men and women are conditioned everyday, by government officials, that war is a way to protect our borders and countries?

To go out and hate another human being in the midst of not even knowing our so called enemy?

To train to attack and kill and the to be conditioned to kill we are then to return home as, “normal human beings, as civilians”?

One cannot turn on or off such attitudes.

ARE ALL these wars necessary right now in ASIA, for what?!

To supply and create more arms of mass destruction to kill more people for what!?

Tell me will these weapons halt the problems of our planet we are facing today?

Can one more war solve the hatred or heal the world tomorrow?

Can one more summit solve today’s crises?

The answer is simple: no.

Then let’s choose peace in our living rooms and start from that.

If we just Care for one person in this world. then there will be no more lonely people.

Love always



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