Greatness dwells within us all

“The appetite we have for greatness remains strong because
as a society & critical mass we are beginning to see our
greater nature dwells within us all!”

“Looking Inside ourselves we
all find our greatest treasures.”

“Self Awareness of our Genius
& Greatness is in each one of us to Discover.”

—Peter Sammarco.


2 Responses to “Greatness dwells within us all”

  1. Michele Lacoste Says:

    Self awareness is a powerful and complex tool that everyone should reflect on

  2. Wayne Says:

    Self Awarness is simple but complex for those who use it
    the wrong way.
    What is of nature or inner Self is always
    easy but as Peter Sammarco states how many look within for their
    Genius? Do we look to how we dress to get attention or identify
    ourselves with who we are? These are all complex ways of
    understanding. But Peter Sammarco knows very well that all change is
    inward; all growth, inward; all love, inward versus external

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